Arctic Cat 2-Cycle C-TEC2 Synthetic Injection Oil – 946mL
30. juni 2021
Arctic Cat Syntetisk APV Olje 3.78L
30. juni 2021
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Arctic Cat 2-Cycle C-TEC2 Synthetic Injection Oil 1 Gallon / 3.78L

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The new C-TEC2 revolutionary clean-burning engine technology demanded an entirely new oil formulation. This new lubrication system effectively delivers oil where it is required, as a result using significantly less oil compared to traditional 2-cycle engines. The new technology required a new, unique viscosity and blend of additives and base stocks that didn’t previously exist in any other oil. After several years of intense testing, numerous formulations, thousands of dyno hours and hundreds of thousands of field test miles, we landed on this unique, new oil technology. The ONLY oil recommended for the C-TEC2 engine, but approved for ALL Arctic Cat 2-cycle engines

Reduction in recoil pull-effort during cold weather starting
New, convenient C-TEC2 oil packaging provides easier pourability and less waste
Fully synthetic formulation provides ultimate engine protection
Detergent additives maximize Arctic Power Valve™ and engine cleanliness
Smokeless formulation burns extremely clean with a fresher scent
1 Gallon / 3.78 Liters